Scoring Rules

We are discouraging teams from defeating their opponent by more than an 8 goal differential.  We will be monitoring teams if we see a pattern developing.  Should your team defeat an opponent by more than 8 goals you will receive a reminder email from the league, reminding you of the scoring rules. Your team is subject to possible sanctions if we see that this rule and the spirit of the game is not being at adhered to.   If you are up by more than 6 goals on your opponent there are things you can do to balance the game such as quietly removing one player from the field, 5 passes before you can shoot and many more options.  Remember this is about the children and you should be teaching them more than just soccer (Good Sportsmanship and Etc.).  If your team is on the other end of that spectrum, please understand that sometimes a coach is trying to balance out the game and they might not be able to do so.  If everyone works together, we should be able to play within the spirit of the game.