No artificial Noise Makers are allowed at or during any CASL games. This includes but is not limited to Air Horns, Megaphones, Drums, Music and any electronic device that is used to make noise. If someone is using these types of devices at or during a CASL game, they will be asked to leave the premises. The referee is allowed to use a traditional or electronic whistle at and during a CASL game.

No one is to be behind or beside the soccer goals for either team during a game, meaning both of the endlines of the soccer field. (This does not include players that are actively playing the game)


Please read and comply with the Governor's Safer at Home Order 8/27/2020.  Please comply with the rules and suggestions of all of the CASL clubs and their cities and counties in which they play in concerning Covid-19.   Please remember that the games are for the children and that we want them to have a safe environment to have fun in while playing the greatest game in the world. 

 Teams and players will be on the same side of the field opposite of their parents and fans.  No one is allowed to be on the same side of the field as the teams except approved players, coaches, managers and referees.  Club administrators and league officials are permitted if necessary to be on the same side of the field as the teams, but not in the bench area or around the players.



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CASL Rules

CASL Rules and Guidelines

CASL Rules and Guidelines

Recreational Soccer

Recreational Soccer

CASL Is Not a Competitive Soccer Organization

We love competition, and we know that many of your clubs have both recreational and competitive soccer teams. CASL is not the place for competitive teams to play. We have established and run this league for the benefit of the recreational player, and it is unfair to them to be pitted against “travel” teams that are honing their skills for Division I or II play.  Our divisions do not have standings because, while everyone likes to win, winning the division is not what the league is about. When we talk about trying to make our games more competitive, we are referring to the balance of the run of play, not an expectation that the teams will be competitive teams. CASL’s goal is providing recreational soccer excellence – with the emphasis on “recreational.” Soccer is a game so let the kids play it as a game.


Scoring Rules

We are discouraging teams from defeating their opponent by more than an 8 goal differential.  We will be monitoring teams if we see a pattern developing.  Should your team defeat an opponent by more than 8 goals you will receive a reminder email from the league, reminding you of the scoring rules. Your team is subject to possible sanctions if we see that this rule and the spirit of the game is not being at adhered to.   If you are up by more than 6 goals on your opponent there are things you can do to balance the game such as quietly removing one player from the field, 5 passes before you can shoot and many more options.  Remember this is about the children and you should be teaching them more than just soccer (Good Sportsmanship and Etc.).  If your team is on the other end of that spectrum, please understand that sometimes a coach is trying to balance out the game and they might not be able to do so.  If everyone works together, we should be able to play within the spirit of the game.